Saturday, April 23, 2011

For a relaxing time, make it a suntory time

Here I am. Blogging from my iPhone. I'm am sitting in the sun with my morning coffee. No, I'm not on some tropical island but in Bisserup at our summer house. The Danish summer has decided to show up and giving us a taste of good times ahead. Anyway. I know I promised pictures of te fruit of my vacation. Well... Turns out that I kinda needed just that... Vacation. I havn't been able to produce anything really in all this time. Nothing finished anyway. So you will have to wait a bit longer. I am working a bit next week so hopefully there will be proof of creativity in a near future.
So what have I been doing all this time, you might ask (or maybe you don't give a shit but I will tell you anyway). I went on a day trip to Hamburg to hang with friends and see my friends in The Kandidate play with Haust, Gaza, Trap Them and Rotten Sound. Great night and show and it was good to hang with my German friends. I brought my camera to take a few shots at the show. The lighting was terrible so I only managed to get a few shots of Trap Them which I will post on my photoblog when I am back home on my own computer and be able to edit them.
The day after coming back from Hamburg I went to see my friends in Cancer Bats and Stanley who is their tour manager. They were playing in Odense so I took the train to get there and drove with them back to Copenhagen where they stayed with us for the time they were here. I also brought my camera for that show so there will be some shots of that later as well. Brunch were had. Coffee and ice-cream was enjoyed and the weather was nice. Eckel came back from his trip to thailand and joined the fun. Good times all around. I got to tattoo Stanley before the bats had to play their Copenhagen show. We had to ship them off to Belgium the next day which was really hard since everyone just enjoyed hanging out in the nice weather. After shipping them off we went to the park to hang with Eckel in the sun. See all this is stuff I never have the time to do normally so that is one of many reasons why I enjoy my vacation time as just that... Vacation.
We went to the country side after hanging at the park. The weather seams even better with nature and open sky around you. Tonight we will go back to Copenhagen to meet cancer bats on their way to Stockholm. They will have a pit stop at our place before moving on tomorrow... After brunch, coffee and ice-cream.
Now I will try to pretend to get something creative done. Maybe.

I would like to remind you that this is posted from my iPhone so I'm sorry if there is spelling mistakes and other errors.

See you all soon.


Martin P said...

Lyder som om lidt ferie gør dig godt! Og ikke mindst som om du er god til at gøre de gode ting :)
Keep up the good work (vacation that is)

-Straight Edge Photography- said...

Good to have you back. Vacations rules!


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