Monday, May 2, 2011

Black Easter

It has been a while since easter already but better late than never right? So here is how I celebrated easter... Evil style!!

Our friends in Cancer Bats came to town and Stanley brought them here in his van. Stanley is an awesome guy and he is also the one who introduced us to the guys in Cancer Bats when he got us in at the Roskilde Festival 2 years ago. Needless to say, good times were had. New friendships were made and the rest is history. We have talked about doing a satanic bible on him for a long time so since there was a bit of spare time before the bats had to play we figured that now was the time! So done and done! One satanic bible of DOOM!
I took some pictures of the bats the night before when they played Odense. Check them out on my photoblog.

Satanic after show rites at The Rock
(photo by the EVIL princess Inferno)

Max, our Russian comrade, came back to get a satanic crow. And that is what he got.
He brough presents from mother Russia. Good stuff...good stuff indeed.

The Russian gift basket incl. the flowered scarf.

In all this unholyness we had to get Martin in as well. The original plan was to start 2 new pieces on him but I decided to finish the chest piece of evilness instead and just start one piece the next day. Pictures of that next time.

One of the few painting that I actually did get done on my vacation was time little thing.

With all this black art comes a soundtrack as well. A lot of headphone time so I wouldn't drive Amalie crazy. I actually kinda like being in my own little world of headphones. Keeps me more focused. The problem is that it can be really antisocial at home. But it works.

Uncle Allans Black Easter playlist

Trap Them: Darker Handcraft

Gaza: He Is Never Coming Back + I don't Care Where I Go When I Die.

Electric Wizard: Black Masses

Red Fang: Red Fang + Murder The Mountains

Ghost: Opus Eponymous

Graveyard: Hisingen Blues

Kvelertak: Kvelertak

Purified In Blood: Under Black Skies

Burzum: Fallen

To end this blog post of evil, here is a little video.


Beryl Lynn said...

Amazing, as always.
When do you plan on coming to the states next? Will you be anywhere near Florida in the near future?

igl said...

rad stuff sir, nice to see, you'r a real prince of darkness

Uncle Allan said...

Thanks Igl.

Beryl Lynn, I don't really know when I will be back in the states but I will post it either here or on the Conspiracy Inc blog so keep an eye on both...allthough...that doesn't leave you with any eyes to look at anything else...just check back once in a while. And thank you

Anonymous said...

nice i love some black metal once in a while

Ole Kirk said...

Fun blog as always, Allan. If the death rocker painting is for sale I want it. Let me know.

Ole Kirk

Monster Sid said...

i fall in love in voice at the beginning of Gaza - I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die. sweeeeet!

ZENTAI GUY said...

So cool.浪人.....^_^
Do you like cos?

suits said...

So cool!

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