Sunday, October 16, 2011


Yesterday was our second attempt to get the danish customers in gear and give them a chance to skip waiting lists and all that spontaneous and just jump right in and get at tattoo. Well... Let's start with the concept.
As some of you know (you who follow me on twitter, here and instagram) we had a few leftovers from the London flash and since I really wanted to do some more tattoos from these pages I decided to make two days where you could skip the waiting list and get a tattoo right now. First day was previous friday. I ended up doing two tattoos witch was really good but there would have been time for a few more. Still a big thanks to Jonas and Kasper for getting a piece done. Second day was yesterday. Much better! 3 guys came from Sweden to get a piece of the action and our regular customer Ole also wanted a little something. Just like in London, everything just worked out smoothly and I had a really fun day. Thanks guys! It was awesome to work like this and actually get to do 4 cool tattoos on 1 day.
If I still sound a bit disappointed it's only because I had hoped for more people to be spontaneous and just drop by. I do feel it was a success and I had great fun both days. It just seems funny how people always complain about how impossible they think it is to get tattooed by me when really, it's not. Join the waiting list. Look on our twitter for last minute cancelations, and drop by when we have a walking day like these two days. I hope it is just a matter of getting used to this before we can make it work because I have plans about doing this at least once a month. I'm gonna build up a collection of flash that will be available on these days and where you can just drop by to get tattooed on the day. It won't be one of a kind flash like this was but I'm hoping that the collection will grow so that there will be smaller chance for repetitions. The few designs that hasn't been done from the London flash will be going into the flash archive but those designs that I have tattooed by now will not be made again. DONE!
So keep an eye out for flash walking day news later. It everything works out the firs one will be sometime in December. So remember: appointments needed. No custom work, ONLY from my own flash. More info soon.

So here is what came out of the leftover days, minus one that was bleeding a bit too much to get a good picture of it.


Clay McCay said...

nice little group of tattys...I really like the reaper. But, then again...I am partial to reapers.

Flora Amalie said...

goatdude... du skulle ha været min!

Bruno said...

proper nice tats mate

Unknown said...

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X2019joe said...

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