Monday, October 3, 2011


We have started our staycation that will last all of october. That however doesn't mean that I won't be working at all. Still have bills to pay and we do have a few fun projects in mind...maybe around Halloween!?!?
But first things first. As I have a few designs left-overs from the London flash that I really really want to do I have decided to have a flash sale out. This means that you will have a chance to skip the 2 years waiting list and get tattooed right now... if you would like to have any of the flash designs done that is. I'm gonna have this Friday the 7th and then Saturday the 15th of october to choose from. So if you are interested in getting one of the designs done let me know asap. Who ever comes first gets an appointment. I'm gonna try to squeeze as many in as possible since there is different sizes to choose from. I might update once in a while about what flash is left to choose from. All designs will be done only once except the King Diamond Flash. I might make prints of that so I can't promise that there won't be reproductions of that one. I will still tattoo from it if anyone wishes. So Email me if you are interested in getting something done this Friday or Saturday the 15th. You can also try your chance and drop by. If there is time left I will be doing walk-ins from the sheets as well. Anything to do more from these pages.
Email Amalie for appointments at

So here is what is left so far.


nova said...

Ahhh shiiiit I would wear the hell out of that devil face.

Tattoo Supply said...

that is some of the best flash I have seen in a long time