Tuesday, July 30, 2013


For more than a year now I have been wanting to get into my next project/theme... erotic and porn. It has been difficult for me to find the time to get into this but more importantly it has been hard for me to figure out where and how to start. So many ideas and ways to do this. So many different mediums and genres to get into. But most difficult for me is still to figure out how dirty, sexy, provocative, suggestive, hardcore I can do this. I, personally, don't have any problem with painting or tattooing anything super graphic but I have to admit that there still is a bit of me that is hesitant to put out the dirty stuff because what people might think... but on the other hand... I don't care if any of you think that I'm a perv. There is nothing wrong with a bit of tastefull porn/erotic or what ever you wanna call it.
 But my hesitation made me think of an idea! I'm gonna let you be the pervs! I'm gonna let it be up to you to choose how dirty or graphic it will be. See, since I usually need a deadline to finish any paintings I do, I figured out a way to do this, have a design idea to go on and at the same time make paintings on commission. I still havn't figured out all the details but here is my thought and I need some feedback on this:

You get to build your own perv painting!
I wanna make a series of porn/erotic paintings but I don't really wanna do a show or anything like that. I just want to paint a lot and try out different ideas. So these paintings will be done by pre-orders so I have something to work towards. I will sell these originals cheaper than what I normally would sell my originals for since this is a project for both the buyer and me. I will keep the right to use it online and stuff but the original goes to the buyer obviously.    
The way it will work is that you, the buyer, will put down a deposit on the painting so I know that you are serious about it and that I'm not painting for nothing. When the deposit is paid I will send back a list with options to choose from, that you have to send back to me.
It will be options like if you want solo or couple. How graphic you want it. What style you want it in, like tattoo flash or more artsy. some answers will open up for a new question so I know exactly what to paint and what you want in your painting.  From the answers I will be able to make the painting the way the buyer want it and therefor leave the perviness be all up to you! Hey, I'm just painting what I'm told! Get it? 

I hope this makes sense but I will be more specific soon when I figure all the last details out and make the lists to send out. 

Here is a few examples of what it could be like but not limited to... It is just to give you an idea and something to look at in this post. 

So please leave a comment here about what you think or send me a mail with your comment to onkelallan@gmail.com but please don't send any questions. I don't have the time to answer at the moment and I will explain more when I am ready to set this up for real. It will happen and it will happen soon I just want a bit of feedback or thoughts before I set it in motion. 

Thanks and see you all soon!


Steven anderson said...

How can I leave a deposit for this project ?? Have a few ideas already




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Unknown said...

Do many people get tattoos of naked women?