Friday, July 26, 2013

Live from Berlin!!

Hello world! It's me... Uncle Allan... Remember me?

I have so many things to tell and show and as usual so little time to do it. But I will try to make a few posts for you to get back into my blogness. I know we have been down this road before with empty promises of more frequently blog posts but I will actually make an effort today of preparing a few posts that will be posted in the time to come.
One of the reasons for this is not only to make it look like I'm actually blogging again but also to make sure that you all don't overload on news and shit. So we will take it slow and get into things one post at the time.

I can reveal this much that there will be stuff about new projects, and such for example some custom ordered erotic painting ala build-a-painting... but more about this soon enough.

Today I think we will start with news about bookings and stuff.

The waiting list is slowly dying. What this mean, other than that people soon doesn't have to sign up for two years of waiting, you can read about in THIS blog post on the Conspiracy Inc. blog.

I'm still working on my Black Metal book and trying to get all my stuff for it together but I feel like there is room for a few more tattoos. So if anyone still have some cool ideas get in touch and I will do what I can to squeeze you in as soon as possible. If you want to get something black metal tattooed then email me at with your idea and where you want it and what else I need to know to book it in. This is only for Black Metal related tattoos, other bookings still have to go through Amalie and have to wait like the rest of the normal projects. Go to the Conspiracy Inc. blog to see what to do.

In other appointment related news: I will be at the London Tattoo Convention again this year and as the last couple of years I will only be doing walk-ins. So no bookings needed and no special requests. I will be making some new flash that will only be done once so you still have your own personal piece done by me. I will get back about this later when I have started making the new flash.

I think this is it for the first post. Check back in soon. More exciting news to come!
Now... picture time!


Unknown said...

Allan your work is unreal ! :)

Claire Monster said...

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! ;-)

Flora Amalie said...


-Straight Edge Photography- said...

How can I get my hands on that UA BlackMetal Corpse painting T-shirt? Might see you again this summer if all pieces fall into place as planned. Till then, stay sharp!

Unknown said...

I really like the tattoo of the guy in the leotard lifting the dumbbell.