Wednesday, November 13, 2013

London London London

So here I am again...and it has only been a day!!

I wanted to do a post about this years London Convention but as I was looking through my photos I realised that all the photos looked like crap or were out of focus! I did some really really fun ones too but the lighting in the convention is so terrible that it was impossible to get a good shot with my real camera. I was hoping that it would be better if I took them with my iPhone... it wasn't. So no pictures this time! Sorry! You should go to the Conspiracy Inc. Blog to see the post Amalie posted with some shots from the convention. But we still had a great time and as always, I wanna send a giant thank you to all the cool people who dropped by to get tattooed, say hi or buy stuff! THANK YOU!! 
Like the last couple of years, we shared the booth with my good friend Chriss Dettmer. The best booth mate ever. We stayed at a new hotel this time which was a really nice change but also resulted in us being a bit less social than we used to be since we didn't have to walk through the hotel bar on our way to our rooms. The hotel was really nice and in a new area, which meant new restaurants... what a treat! 
This convention thing that I have been doing for the last couple of years, doing walk-up only, from flash, was working perfectly again this year. So well that I will do the same for the Brighton convention. That's right! We are going to be at the Brighton Convention this February. No bookings. Just drop by and see what I have drawn up and who ever is ready as soon as I am will get tattooed. 

I have more new stuff to tell you, so this is it, about London. Sorry for the lack of photos. But I can't leave you without some sort of photo. 

Tune in again tomorrow for a new post.

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Claire Monster said...

I'm enjoying all these blog posts! Looking forward to seeing you guys in 2 weeks :-)