Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Queen Ov Hell

I recently did a painting to help my good friend Nick, promote my never ending Black Metal Book project that will be published through Clandestine Republic hopefully around summer 2014. So maybe it will end... Some day!

This painting was made specially for him to sell through Clandestine Republic and is only made in 100 copies. 
Its a high quality giclĂ©e print on fancy fine art paper measuring 40 x 61 cm (16" x 24") and all numbered and hand stamped.
Since in writing moment half has already been sold I wouldn't sleep on this. Go HERE to buy it. It can not be bought through the shop or me since I don't have any of them. I really hope you guys like this.
While you are there you should check out Electric Picks 2 amazing comics, Red Box and Turbo Drome

A taste of Red Box

And a taste of Turbo Drome

There is all sorts of cool limited prints from awesome artist for sale right now so go shop now before they all are sold out. It is also last minute if you want to make sure they get there in time to be under that there three... You know which one I'm talking about.
Great presents for sure. So go shop! NOW!!!

More updates and teasers about the book later... just so you don't forget.

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