Saturday, August 30, 2014

I'm going hungry

Hey Ya'll! 
I'm sorry to say that this weeks blog post won't be all the exciting. But hey... At least I'm still here and that is something, right? 
Saturday is the new blog day but I also had to do my actual job today, tattooing, and it ended up taking a bit longer to draw than I had imagined. But that's how it goes sometimes. Unfortunately that just means that I don't have time to prepare a fancy post for you guys this week either. Ohhh well... Hopefully next week then.

There is a little bit of news this week. 
On the9th of November, there will be an opening party for a small artshow I will be doing at my local vinyl pusher, Dodo Records. I will post more about this at a later time but if anyone should be interested, then put it in your calendar and come have a beer with me and look at some of the stuff that I have done and maybe buy a record or two.

More info later.

Ok kids... see you next time... I need a burger in my belly now.

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