Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Foggy London Town

Just got back from this years London Convention. A great and busy weekend in good company of friends that we only get to see a few times a year on events like this. That is one of the best things about these conventions, getting to hang with our friends from all over the world. This year we hung with the Uk, Germany, Japan, USA and Sweden. Pretty international if you ask me. Good to see you all again!!

Me and my trusty convention buddy, Chriss Dettmer had prepared a whole bunch of new merch for this convention. It was a big deal for Chriss who the first conventions we did together didn't even have a banner, businesscards or portfolio... not this time!! He had EVERYTHING! Stickers, postcards, many different tshirts, flash, prints and portfolio. Too bad that people wasn't in a big shopping mode as they were the last couple of years. We still sold pretty good but there is still some of our limited prints and shirts and also my new antler lady print left. I will post a blog post about how to buy them and prices and stuff soon.

One thing that really really sucked about this weekend was that we were a lot of artists that was under the impression that the convention was closing late every night...well that was only the bar and the convention closed early like always. This mend that I had to cancel 2 appointments because I wouldn't have been able to finish in time. This really really sucked and I do not like to not be able to keep appointments like this. I hope I do get to do these 2 pieces sometime in Copenhagen and make it up for this.

So here is a the tattoos that I did...eccept for one that didn't turn out so well on the awesome ape it was...sad...but here is the rest.

The booth from HELL

Satanic teapot from hell.

Amy's typewriter.

Sarah Louise's Cage.

April's Mingo


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Betty said...

Love the birdcage.
I want one of your new t-shirts!

Sam said...

hee hee!

I call them 'mingoes too!! xxx