Thursday, September 10, 2009

Skate boards from HELL!!!

They are here!! They are finally here!!! The skate boards from hell...or from me and Chriss Dettmers desks. The boards that we have designed for Substance Abuse is ready to buy HERE. This is actually the design that we made for our split banner for the London convention this year...ok ok I will post my original design later in the post!

The decks from hell!! And you don't even have to pay with your soul!!

Well this will also be made as tshirts and prints. Both only available in pairs so you will get the full Uncle A/Dettmer effect!

The new and evil Uncle A logo that will be found on the back of the new tshirt.

If everything goes as planned we will have a few decks for sale at the London Convention, signed and everything. The prints and shirt should hopefully also make it there in time!! Fingers crossed. So save your money and come and spend them on our crap at the convention.

My painting and half of the banner for London.

To end this evil post of is Youngs birthday rockin' Unicorn.


Sam said...

*shakes fist*

now i need the decks too! damn you x

Anonymous said...

holy shit de ser nice ud..
nå jeg tror jeg fandt ud af det med at follow..min blog står nok i min profil her men her av den alligevel..
anyways check den lidt sener og se vis der komme nogle billeder..der kommer jo også tegninger alt tid.

du må hav det god min ven..tak for det helle..


Petri said...

Adam Barton did also a BM logo. Where is the boom coming from?

anima-base said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Webmaster, I love your site. Thank you sooo much for working on it.

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