Saturday, June 6, 2015


A small tease of what might be the next prints, soon available.

After several failed attempts to get back into regular blogging I have had to rethink how to blow life back into blogging. I have been, and still am, too busy fixing up my shop, apartment and business to sit down and blog regularly. I am not ready to give up on blogs and give in to Facebook. Even though it feels like no one still checks these blogs of ours, and the only way to get something through to people, is through Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is filled with too much useless and time consuming shit that I don't want to waste my time on. Instagram, for many, has become the replacement for websites, portfolios and blogs. But to me, Instagram is just supposed to be an app where you can post a glimpse of what is going on right now. That made me come up with an idea, on how to get back into my blog without having to spend hours in front of a computer, resizing, watermarking and coming up with funny or clever things to say.
I figured that if I wanna get people to come back and get into blogging, or at least to check in on my blog, I would have to have something to show more often than every 3rd month or so. So my plan is something like this:
I will be posting a Polaroid or an instax picture a day. It will be a photo of something creative that I have done that day or maybe if I havn't done anything that day, just a photo. Since most people don't even read the text anyway this will just be a photo a day and just that. Once in a while there will be other normal blogpost with real photos of my tattoos and paintings and info about what is going on so do come back for those posts as well. I am hoping that this will make people come back more often to check the blog but also that it will push me to produce more to have something to post. So let's try this. Let's make it big from the beginning, shall we. 365 Polaroids/instax photos starting today. Let's see if I can make it to post a picture a day for a year. (after writing this I realised that my instax is out of battery so here is some old photos)
I would love some feedback and thoughts about this and also other ways to give this blog life again. Help me out people. What can I do to keep you interested in coming back here. Email me your thoughts or post a comment. 

And finally... Spread the word. 




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