Saturday, June 6, 2015


On top of these groundbreaking news about an instax diary (can you believe it? So interesting and exciting, right) I have recently found some time to edit a few new tattoo photos for you all to soak your eyeballs in. It's been a while and there is more where these came from but for now this is what I had time for. 
Since I have you here ... Is there anyone here?... I do have some info for ya'll! 

First about booking...
I have been way to busy doing other things to actually get into booking myself and informing you when to book. This system of booking 2 months ahead of time is only working if I remember to book myself. So this is now biting myself in my ass. One of the reasons why I wanted to only book 2 months at the time was to have more freedom and options to travel, but since I think I have most of the travels for this year planned out, I think I can book for the rest of the year. So I hereby declare the calendar open for the rest of 2015. I have had a bunch of people who need to plan their trip further in advance so this is your chance. 
I even still have a bunch of stupid openings in June that I want to get filled so get on it people. I have a bunch of designs ready to go for those of you who don't have any ideas what to get. 
So to book, email

To make it interesting I will be offering anyone who books an appointment in June and July a special limited edition print only made for this occasion.
Since this is a kinda last minute deal, I'll offer an extra print for those who jump on a June appointment. Both Limited edition specially made for this occasion and only printed this once.
So to get on this deal all you have to do is book an appointment for a new tattoo* in either June or July and write either "June deal" or "July deal"  in the subject when you email to book the appointment. Again... Send it to to book. 
You will receive the print at your appointment and only when getting tattooed either in June or July. 
When booking, make sure to include:
-basic idea (and reference if needed)
-a couple of dates to choose from
-any other info needed to make the booking.

*new tattoo meaning not something continued. Min 2 hours, max 9 hours.

Now you greedy bastards might be thinking, "I wanna see these prints!". Well... I seriously JUST came up with this idea so I have to make them first. But trust me... I have a couple of cool ideas. And it's freaking limited and free so what more do you want? Just trust me and come get them.

I'll give you a little text break for some pictures but there is more news after the photos so don't forget to read that too.

These 4 tattoos was made from some of the designs I had lying around, ready to tattoo... just saying...

I am waiting to get a new batch of prints from my printer guy. Don't know exactly when these will get here but I am excited to see how they worked out! I will also be getting a bunch of new cards and stickers so there is something to look forward to for you collectors. 
If everything works out there will be 3 new prints coming up as soon as I get them. I'll keep you posted.

I think that is all the info you guys can handle... and also 2nd post in one day.... wheeeeew... all the excitement. But you should go to the Conspiracy Inc. blog and see the new post about new guest artists.

I have more stuff to announce soon and more pictures to post so on top of the Instaxdiary, I will be back soon. 

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