Monday, June 15, 2015

June and July Offer

So... as mentioned before I kinda screwed up with my bookings for June and July and that has left me with holes that I can't seem to fill. I tried to tease with free limited prints but no one has taken the bate yet so I am hoping this little tease will help. 
... Did I mention that they will be for free?

So here it is again....

If you want to book an appointment in July you get a special limited print of this girl. Printed on nice Hahnemühle papper. 

Add "July deal" in the subject to get on this one!

For June you get 2 prints since it's super short notice. 
You get the girl and a print of my first Linoleum print on coffee stained Hahnemühle paper. 

Add "June Deal" to get on this deal.

So to get on these deals all you have to do is book an appointment in June or July by sending me a mail with your idea, placement, size and a few dates to work with.

If you want to take your chance then I will be painting and drawing new flash this upcoming Saturday  the 20th (from 12:00-17:00), Monday the 22nd, Tuesday the 23rd and wednesday the 24th from 12:00-19:00 o'clock where I will do walk-ins.

Remember that the shop is on:

Hauptstrasse 155 in the 2nd Backyard...go all the way through.
10827 Berlin

In case these days should get fully booked up before hand I will post it the day before here or on my twitter.  
I already have a bunch of line drawings waiting to get tattooed and everything I work on those days will also be available... If someone would want a fresh flash design, straight out of the oven.
So don't worry if you don't know what to get... I can help.

So let's do this! Come get tattooed!

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